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University recruiting means
high application volume, tight timeline, and tough competition.

Here’s how HackerRank gives you an edge to reach, identify and hire new grads and student developers at scale.

career fairs &
on-campus visits

Pre-qualify candidates
directly from your
career site

your list of
target schools

diverse student

List of top candidates

Career fairs & on-campus visits:
Walk away from campus events with a list of top candidates. Not a stack of resumes

Get more out of your on-campus recruiting events. Invite students to take your technical assessment ahead of campus visits using the student distribution list, or distribute the link during the event.

Set test cutoff scores to screen out unqualified students. Sort scores to get a list of top candidates.

Stack of non-qualified resumes
List of top candidates
Stack of non-qualified resumes

Career sites:
Pre-qualify students from your careers page

At best, screening hundreds and thousands of resumes increases time to offer. At worst, it forces teams to skip screening excess candidates.

Embed a test link next to the job requisitions on your careers page to automatically pre-screen students as they apply. Only qualified candidates enter your ATS.

Target schools:
Reach more schools with less effort

Use public test links to invite students at any school to take your assessment. Qualify them virtually, and reach more schools without expanding budget or on-site presence.

Anonymized list of candidates

Diverse student hiring:
Increase diversity in campus recruiting program

Anonymize candidate’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and programmatically remove unconscious bias. Identify candidates based on proven skills. Build a diverse talent pipeline by targeting diverse set of schools or schools with diverse student group.


“HackerRank has actually allowed us to look for diamonds in the rough that our old process didn’t give us the time or resources to look for.”

Mathias Connot

Senior Staffing Manager

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“We saw immediate gains in time savings from our hiring managers when screening software engineering candidates. For the first time, we could see the strengths of the technical skills early on in the interview. ”

Delaney Parker

Director of Engineering

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